Naturopathic Office Iris Decker

If you suffer from chronic and acute complaints, our alternative practitioner Iris Decker medicates you professionally. An individual medication is composed for you in a personal dialog with a holistic therapy approach.

Please arrange an appointment with Mrs. Decker in advance via phone (+49 2661/4206) or via mail to

Your offers

Ear acupuncture

For relief of different pains (headache, migraine, dorsal pain), to promote the cessation of tobacco and the weight reduction

Cupping / cupping massage

For the medication of muscle tenseness, for the stimulation of the lymph circulation and for the removal of slags and toxins


Smooth therapy for chronic and acute complaints as well as a support for the acupuncture


Combination of multiple homeopathic components

Bach flower therapy

38 different flower essences, mainly affecting the mental level

Schüssler salts

Medication with mineral salts, e.g. of beginning colds, skin problems and arthrosis

Ear candle treatment

Works like a smooth massage on eardrums and ears

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