Rice Package

The whole grain rice cure helps you reducing overweight, purifies your body and helps you to deal with health problems, e.g. migraine, gout, dorsal pains, acne, high or low blood pressure, kidney-, metabolic or bladder problems. Due to the soft change of your nutrition, your metabolism improves and you will feel better.

The nutritious natural rice with all its bio structures and seed coats contains lots of the vitamines B and E. It fosters the sugar combustion and makes you feel less hungry. This cure is also suitable for diabetics.

The package includes:

  • 7 nights
  • Whole grain rice diet
  • Daily use of the spa with indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, relax dome and fitness room
  • Cosy bathrobe and sauna towels

From 505.00 € p.p. in a double room (additionally 1.50 € p.p./day visitor’s tax)

From 645.00 € in a single room (additionally 1.50 € p.p./day visitor’s tax)