Bad Marienberg – More than a spa resort

Bad Marienberg is a town in a region with plenty of different events and entertainment offers. It lets you breathe in deep, relax and enjoy the time.


  • the „Kurpark“ with „Apothekergarten“ (herbal garden), barefoot path and concerts
  • the bowling lane in Bismarck street
  • the miniature golf course in the „Kurpark“
  • the Kneipp pools in and around Bad Marienberg
  • the „Basaltpark“ (former stone quarry) below the Wildpark Hotel.

As our guest you receive our daily „Guten Morgen Post“. There you can find the weather forecast, a short puzzle as well as excursion tips. Of course, we would like to give you advice personally and help you plan your activities. Just ask us.

You can find detailed information on events and sights on the websites of the local authority Verbandsgemeinde and the town of Bad Marienberg.